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Goal Update

1. Net Worth (quarterly updates) - $72,054 to start 2019

Increasing our net worth is my main financial goal. As we cut expenses, pay off debt, and continue to make more money, we should see this number increase. This is less than half of our annual income, so I feel way behind - financial samurai link. However, I have received significant raises over the last few years. And, admittedly, lifestyle creep has come with it. Here is my salary over the last five years.

2018 ~ $131,000

2017 ~ $120,000

2016 ~ $93,000

2015 ~ $91,000

2014 ~ $54,000

2019 Net Worth Goal - $105,000, and increase of about 45%. I think this is totally possible. We were well on our way to hitting this goal this year, even with the purchase of a new home. We ended up having to put money into the home in the form of new carpet, paint, and a hot water heater.

2. Investment Returns (quarterly updates) - 6% across all investments (tIRA, HSA, Deferred Compensation)

With the current market conditions, this might be a bit of a stretch. The volatility might lead to some opportunities, but I am not sure if the risk is worth it. 

3. Build this Site (monthly updates) - Much of what I write is personal, but one of my goals is to inspire and contribute to others. That means I need to build an audience. 

  • Attract an average of 1,000 visitors a month.

  • Build e-mail list to 600 by the end of 2019. That does not seem like a lot, but that's 50 new emails per month.

  • Have 600 Twitter followers by the end of 2019. Again, That's 50 new followers a month. 

  • Tweet daily. I am not putting a number on this, but, again, I need to be making worthwhile Tweets and responses. Click on the Twitter button above or click here.

  • Make a worthwhile comment on other blogs once per day - I am contributing and learning from others. 

4. Sell a Product on Amazon (ongoing updates in the blog) - I am a big believer in experimenting (link to Tim Ferriss interview). A couple of years ago, I wanted to learn more about real estate, so I took a course, took the test - passed on the first attempt, hung my license up at an office, and starting selling houses. I did pretty well, too. I learn by doing. I linked up with a friend and we are currently researching how to sell on Amazon. Click here or the Amazon Progress button on the navigation at the top of the page to follow our progress. 

5. Monetize this Site (annual update) - This site should pay for itself by the end of the year. I paid, roughly, $100 for the Wix and domain subscription.