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Amazon Progress

A couple of years ago, I wanted to learn more about real estate, so I took a course, took the test - passed on the first attempt, hung my license up at an office, and starting selling houses. I did pretty well, too. I learn by doing. I linked up with a friend and we are currently researching how to sell on Amazon.

I will provide monthly updates, and possibly even more if there are more updates to be made.

January 4th - Product Search

We really want to be mindful of the product that we sell, so we are really taking our time here. There are a lot of courses, blogs, and videos that can be utilized to sell on Amazon. I am sharing some of the ones we are using to help us. We intend to spend about a month researching our first product. We want to have a systematic, scalable, and repeatable model that will help us find the right product, and ultimately, create a profit.


Click here to to read a recent blog post I wrote about using Jungle Scout, Buzz Feed, and other tools to help find products. 

Disclaimer: None of these links are affiliate links, nor am I connected to them in anyway.

January 9th - The Non-Negotiables

My "business partner" and I have narrowed it down to one product. We have also created a list of three non-negotiables. Check out my blog post here.