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I'm a married man with a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. I started Katalyst Capital as a way to track progress toward my goals of lifestyle and financial wealth. I put lifestyle over financial wealth because I will not put my future life before my present one.


I have had friends and family members stress over pennies saved to live a comfortable future only to miss out on opportunities to enjoy the present. That does not mean my family is not prepared for life down the road. I just intend to maximize my everyday. 


When I come across great opportunities to save or make money, I will share them, but you will not find tips on how to be frugal here. That is a pursuit I will leave to others, and there is no shortage of those sites on the web. Instead, my focus will be on...

1. Tracking my financial progress

2. Sharing my passions

Through this process, I hope to learn and inspire others. 

Disclaimer: I am not a financial professional. I don't have the expertise, experience, or credentials to give others advice. If you choose to do what I do, that is up to you. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading. Please engage with me through this process via email or social media.